Bluerev Ultra High-Step Folding Fat Tire E-Bike - Top Speed 35 KPH, Range 60-140km


Bluerev Ultra High-Step

The BlueRev Ultra High-Step can be described as the robust fat folding electric cargo bike.  The Ultra features an easy step-through design which works great for any sized rider.  It has a convenient foldable frame that allows the bike to fit inside a trunk of most automobiles, RV or boat.   The ultra is coupled with a powerful 500 Watt motor and is also equipped with a hydraulic braking system to ensure smooth and fast braking.

Top Speed:  32 Km/hr

Electronic Details
  • Motor: Bafang – Rear-Mounted Geared Hub, 500 watt
  • Battery: 48 volt 14.5 / 17.5Ah / 21Ah Samsung Lithium Ion Cells

  • Estimated Charge Time
    Charger Type
  • 14.5AH 17.5AH 21AH
  • 2A 6-8H 8-10H 10-12H
  • 3A 4-6H 5-7H 6-8H
    *Note- 14.5 AH comes with 2A Charger/ 17.5 AH and 21 AH comes with 3A charges

Estimated Min and Max Range:

  • 14.5AH: 60-90 KM
  • 17.5AH: 80-120 KM
  • 21AH: 100-140 KM

  • Display Type / Readouts: Fixed Backlit Monochrome LCD / Power (Current), Battery Level 5 Bars, Speed, Assist Level (0-5), Odometer, Trip Distance, and headlight control.
  • Drive Modes: Cadence Sensing Pedal Assist, Throttle
  • Top Speed: 40 KM
Bicycle Details:
  • Frame Types / Frame Sizes: Step-through
  • Frame Material: 6061 Aluminum Alloy
  • Attachment Points: Integrated Rear Rack Carrier, Front Rack Carrier, Front/Rear Fender Bosses
  • Gearing Details / Shifter Details: 7 Speed 1×7 Shimano Triggers on Right Bar
  • Cranks / Pedals: Prowheel Aluminum / Wellgo Nylon
  • Headset / Stem / Handlebar: Oversized, Tapered / Promax, Adjustable / Mid-Rise
  • Brakes Details: Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes with brake sensor with 160 mm
  • Front Rotor and 160 mm Rear Rotor
  • Grips / Saddle: Round Synthetic Rubber Grips/ Black Velo Soft Rubber Saddle
  • Seatpost / Seatpost Diameter: Promax / 30.4*400MM
  • Rims: Double Walled Aluminum
  • Fenders: Front and Rear
  • Tires: Kenda 20″ x 4″ / Schrader Valve
  • Lights: Front and rear integrated LED lights. Taillights works as a functional brake light.
  • Bike Weight : 30 Kg
  • Load Capacity: Recommended for performance: 136 Kg. Max Capacity is 181 Kgs.

One Year Limited Warranty



Bluerev Ultra Low-Step Folding Fat Tire E-Bike

BLUEREV_ULTRA - Backlit Control Display - Street Rides

Backlit Control Display

The smart LCD is backlit to provide you with all of the data while riding in all conditions

Bluerev Ultra Low-Step Folding Fat Tire E-Bike - Street Rides

Front Suspension

Combined with the fat tires, the front fork provides a plush soft rides even off road. 

Bluerev Ultra Low-Step Folding Fat Tire E-Bike - Street Rides

20″ x 4.0″ Tires

4″ wide tires provide enough comfort,grip and cushion to ride on mars or the moon.

Bluerev Ultra Low-Step Folding Fat Tire E-Bike - Suspension Seatpost - Street Rides

Suspension Seatpost

Front suspension combined with a suspension fork will make your ride feel like a walk in park.

Bluerev Ultra Low-Step Folding Fat Tire E-Bike - Thumb Throttle - Street Rides

Thumb Throttle

Super intuitive and safe throttle control with the use of your thumb.

Bluerev Ultra Low-Step Folding Fat Tire E-Bike - Hydraulic Disc Brakes - Street Rides

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Disc Brakes will stop you on a dime in all conditions.

Bluerev Ultra Low-Step Folding Fat Tire E-Bike - LED Lights - Street Rides

LED Lights

Integrated front and rear lights means you will be seen, also has a brake light for urban riding.

Bluerev Ultra Low-Step Folding Fat Tire E-Bike - Street Rides

It’s a FOLDER!

The biggest feature of the Ultra is it’s ability to hide in a small closet or trunk.. even fit two in a car and go for an adventure!