MEIGI MG1703 500W Electric Trike - Top Speed 32 KPH, Range 73km


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MG1703 500W Electric Trike


The new MG1703 750W Electric Trike is an excellent 3-wheel electric bike for those looking to travel and haul cargo. The powerful brushless motor and stainless steel frame make this 3-wheeler electric bike one of the most reliable electric bikes available on today’s market! This trike is perfect for adventure seekers and commuting riders alike! Packed with features that make it ideal, this bike can tackle both smooth and harsh terrains. So, if you are looking for a 3-wheel electric bike in Canada, the MG1703 500W electric trike is the one for you!

  • Top Speed: 32 KPH


  • Powerful 500W Bafang Hub Motor means more torque, which translates into faster acceleration and more power when climbing hills.

  • Incredible Range the MG1703 has top-tier range for an electric trike reaching distances of 31 Miles on pure electric and 49 miles using pedal assist 

  •  Robust Off-Road Design Whether you're cruising along the beach or tackling dirt trails, the MG1703 is built to endure. With its durable construction, you can expect many years of exciting rides and unforgettable memories

  •  Kenda 20" 4.0" Fat Tires Tackle any obstacle with ease, from potholes and cracks in the pavement to curbs. The fat tires provide a plush, comfortable ride that will make every journey a breeze.

  •  Free Mudguards and Cooler Bag included with every purchase 

  • Motor: 48V500w Bafang Front hub Motor
  • Frame: Steel 20"
  • Battery: 48V18.2AH li-ion battery
  • Tyres: KENDA 20"4.0
  • Light: Front and rear LED lights
  • Handle: Aluminum alloy handlebar, aluminum alloy adjustable stem
  • Controller: 48V25A
  • Front Fork: Aluminum alloy suspension with lock switch
  • Display: KDS51C, LCD meter with USB charging function
  • Chain: KMC
  • Charger: 48V3A
  • Brake: TEKTRO Mechanical disc brake, parking brake lever 
  • 12 magnetic steel double Hall integrated sensor
  • Speed: Gears SHIMANO 7 speed WUXING twist throttle
  • RIM: 20"Aluminum alloy wheels, stainless steel spokes
  • Max Speed: 32Km/h
  • Range: 73Km
  • Max load: 120Kg
  • Net Weight: 56Kg



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DWMEIGI MG1703 500W Electric Trike

BAFANG 750W Brushless High-Speed Motor-DWMEIGI MG1703 750W Electric Trike - Street Rides

BAFANG 500W Brushless High-Speed Motor

With the 80NM high torque hub motor, it's easily to surmount the most of bad road conditions.

SHIMANO 7 Gears Transmission-DWMEIGI MG1703 750W Electric Trike - Street Rides

SHIMANO 7 Gears Transmission

With the SHIMANO 7 gears transmission, it's will be very easily to ride in different road conditions, and you can also choose 1~7 gears for riding exercise.

Storage Basket-DWMEIGI MG1703 750W Electric Trike - Street Rides

Storage Basket

The storage space of front and rear basket is 58L. The front basket has a 5 kilograms weight limit, and we supply a free waterproof and insulated bag for the rear basket, so that you can take some ice drink or your pets.

LED Lights-DWMEIGI MG1703 750W Electric Trike - Street Rides

LED Lights

Integrated bright LED lights keep your safe always. The 200 lumen headlight will help you see the road clearly in rainy days and dark nights. And the 2 red taillights will let others see you in advance.

Customer Reviews

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Elliyout Jan
Just came back from the test ride

Just came back from my first ride, and I must say, this was a great purchase. The guys at Street Rides were kind enough to help me through and through. Thank you street rides!

Thank you for your review and supporting Street Rides!

Kurt Schmidt
Got this beauty on time

Got this beauty on time, and I assembled it without any difficulty thanks to the detailed information and resources available on Street Rides. Keep up the good work.

Thank you for your review and supporting Street Rides!

Jackleen Mandas
Sturdy built, powerful machine

Sturdy built, powerful machine. I’m really loving the Dwmeigi mg1703 500w electric trike. Thank you, Street Rides, for the advice and help.

Thank You for supporting Street Rides Jackleen! Glad you are enjoying your ride!

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs.

The MG1703 750W Electric Trike is a powerful and reliable 3-wheel electric bike designed for travel and cargo hauling. It features a robust brushless motor and a stainless steel frame and is known for its exceptional performance and durability.

The MG1703 Electric Trike is perfect for adventure seekers and commuters alike. The 3-wheeler electric bike is designed to cater to individuals who value versatility, as it can handle both leisurely rides and practical cargo transportation.

The MG1703 Trike stands out due to its powerful brushless motor and stainless steel frame, making it one of the most reliable electric bikes available today. Its ability to tackle various terrains, from smooth roads to challenging paths, further adds to its appeal.

The MG1703 Electric Trike is a 3-wheel electric bike in Canada that is packed with features that enhance its performance and convenience. It offers a powerful 750W motor, a sturdy stainless steel frame, cargo-hauling capabilities, and the ability to navigate diverse terrains with ease.

Yes, the MG1703 Electric Trike is an excellent choice for hauling cargo. Its design and build quality, along with its robust motor, allow it to handle various cargo loads while maintaining stability and performance. It’s a reliable option for those needing to transport items in a practical and eco-friendly way.